Towards a learning exchange theory for a dynamic digital future: an ACARD-SR model evidence from South East Asia

Jude Emelifeonwu, Samuel Ogbeibu

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To strengthen the learning exchange between teaching experts and students within the rising dynamics of today’s digital age, it is also critical to apprehend the issues working inside the learning environment. This is because there are several rational factors unique to a learning environment which makes for valuable and efficient ideation, advancement, and the prospect of instituting learning exchange that is underpinned by timely theories (Njiku et al., 2020). Malaysia has the greatest power- distance index tally on the planet, and this reflects a national culture that has an adverse effect on students’ learning exchange experience (Green, 2013; Hofstede, 1998). Students are confronted by the complexity of successfully communicating their thoughts freely in the physical classroom (Harland et al., 2013). Consequently, knowledge memorization and application is perhaps among other reasons that explain why several Malaysian students have struggled to excel in the management fields when compared with core science disciplines (Salleh et al., 2018). It is against this backdrop, that we propose an ACARD- SR model (acquire, cross-fertilize, assimilate, retain, demonstrate, source feedback, and re-evaluate) to enhance students’ learning experience in a virtual and physical learning environment. The study is anchored on the interpretivism school of thought and qualitative in its interpretation. 200 business students were interviewed over a three-year period (50 semi-structured and 150 unstructured interviews). The results suggest that the ACARD- SR model to a significant degree eases the negative impact of power distance hampering learning exchange. Likewise, when the ACARD- SR model is digitally employed, students’ learning experience is even further improved
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 17 Sept 2020
EventThe Barcelona Conference on Education - Online, Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 17 Sept 202019 Sept 2020 (Conference website.)


ConferenceThe Barcelona Conference on Education
Abbreviated titleBCE2020
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