The use of television documentary review and group discussion for intercultural learning between nursing students in Glasgow and Singapore

Sue Campbell, David Hunter, Dora Howes

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The University of Glasgow delivers undergraduate nurse education to students in Scotland who study the Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) degree. In addition, the University of Glasgow Singapore, offers a two-year Bachelor of Science (Honours) top-up degree for Singaporean Registered Nurses who hold a diploma. In normal circumstances, our Singapore students would visit Glasgow for a four week Overseas Immersion Programme each July. Due to COVID19, this was not possible in 2020. Simultaneously, our 1st year Glasgow students were unable to attend practice placements so were receiving some of their 2nd year theoretical content early. Both student groups were covering materials relating to social policy. The impact of COVID19 provided us with an opportunity to deliver live joint sessions with students in Glasgow and Singapore.

Both student groups (approx. 130 students) were asked to view a BBC documentary called "The people vs. the NHS: who gets the drugs?" which focused on access to PReP for HIV prophylaxis. They were provided with guidance on how to view the documentary and how to make notes. At a set time, students were then brought together online and split into breakout rooms which consisted of a mixture of Glasgow and Singapore students and a facilitator. A number of discussion questions were provided followed by a brief summary with the whole group at the end. Feedback was gathered via a questionnaire hosted on SurveyMonkey.

Generally, the feedback from students was positive with them finding the session both helpful and enjoyable. Students reported the benefits of sharing their experiences with colleagues from each other's location. Issues around small technical problems, initial interaction at the start of the group and the time difference (Glasgow students had to start the session at 8am) were also provided in the feedback.

Overall, we feel that this session was beneficial to both sets of students. It allowed intercultural exploration of different health care systems and around a sensitive issue regarding how these systems allocate their resources. Students enjoyed the social aspect of the interaction as well as the educational benefit. This is something we will strive to continue in the future.
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Publication statusPublished - 7 Jan 2021
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Event3rd European Conference of Health Workforce Education & Research - Online, Ireland
Duration: 7 Jan 20218 Jan 2021


Conference3rd European Conference of Health Workforce Education & Research
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