Tanzanian education and entrepreneurial influence among females

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Several approaches have been proposed by researchers to the economic empowerment of women. Starting and sustaining an individual business is one of the strategies for the economic development of entrepreneurially-oriented females. This study evaluated the factors influencing entrepreneurial activities; there was a further ingoing examination of the impact of education on Tanzanian females starting-up their own businesses. A total of 128 business women from Makambako and Njombe participated in the study, which primarily employed a questionnaire for data collection. Findings indicated that the government policy, strategies and support for female entrepreneurs had little or no impact on their entrepreneurial motivation. In addition, the level of formal education that women attained was found to have little impact. It was found, however, that the kind of training a female entrepreneur underwent was the most important factor in the business start-up. Thus, this study proposes that more effort should be put into practical and vocational training that has a direct impact on the kind of business that women can establish.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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