System Hold - Portfolio submission

Jo Scott (Artist), Lucy Cathcart Froden (Artist), Martin Cathcart Froden (Artist), Wesley Chung (Artist), Adem Ilhan (Artist), Fergus McNeill

Research output: Non-textual formDigital or Visual Products


A portfolio of works (principally an EP of songs and an accompanying contextualisation). System Hold is a British Academy funded EP of songs developed to accompany the criminological text book ‘Pervasive Punishment’ (McNeill, 2018). It was publicly released on Olive Grove records in 2019, receiving national radio play on the BBC radio network, and included as a download in the published text. Pervasive Punishment is the first text of its kind to understand the extent of mass supervision as a global phenomenon and to analyse its effect. The work addresses how the experience of these forms of punishment remain largely invisible and inaudible to such an extent that public and political debate about these practices is seriously undermined. With this in mind, System Hold engages in crucial debates about ‘imaginary penalities’ and ‘counter-visual criminology’, by acting as an exploration of what popular music can offer both academic and public understandings of criminal justice imposed forms of supervision. The research process embodied by the EP and its research underpinnings are documented in a chapter in Pervasive Punishment (Emerald, 2018) and discussed in a forthcoming book chapter in ‘Sensory Penalities’ (Emerald, 2020).
Portfolio Output 1. System Hold: 4-track EP of original songs in alt-folk, electronic crossover style representing practice-based research into the lived / felt experience of supervision in criminal justice settings.

Released as a download inclusion in the book Pervasive Punishment: Making Sense of Mass Supervision by Professor Fergus McNeill (Emerald Publishing, 2018) and by Olive Grove Records (2019).

System Hold: 1. Depth 2. Weight 3. Tightness 4. Suspension

Performed, co-written, co-recorded and directed by Dr Jo Collinson Scott (under her stage name Jo Mango).

The composition of the songs and their recordings were commissioned by the University of Glasgow and funded under McNeill’s British Academy Fellowship.

Recordings produced by Adem Ilhan, all main vocal and keyboard-based performances by Scott, all songs written by Scott except Weight (co-written with A. Wesley Chung) and Tightness (co-written with Lucy and Martin Cathcart Froden).

Portfolio Output 2. A published contextualisation of the work as it relates to the research on lived experience of supervision presented by the textbook. Scott, J. C. & McNeill, F. (2020) ‘Sensing Supervision Through Stories and Songs’, in Herrity, K., Schnidt, B. and Warr, J. (eds.) Sensory Penalities. Bingley: Emerald Publishing.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 16 Nov 2018


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