Structure of high-lying levels populated in the 96Y →96Zr β decay

K.R. Mashtakov*, V.Yu. Ponomarev, M. Scheck*, S.W. Finch, J. Isaak, M. Zweidinger, O. Agar, C. Bathia, T. Beck, J. Beller, M. Bowry, R. Chapman, M.M.R. Chishti, U. Friman-Gayer, L.P. Gaffney, P.E. Garrett, E.T. Gregor, J.M. Keatings, U. Köster, B. LöherA.D. MacLean, D. O'Donnell, H. Pai, N. Pietralla, G. Rainovski, M. Ramdhane, C. Romig, G. Rusev, D. Savran, G.S. Simpson, J. Sinclair, K. Sonnabend, P. Spagnoletti, A.P. Tonchev, W. Tornow

*Corresponding author for this work

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