Quality of experience evaluation of H.265/MPEG-HEVC and VP9 comparison efficiency

N. Ramzan, Z. Pervez, A. Amira

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This paper presents a performance evaluation of the three newest video coding standards Advanced Video Coding (H.264/MPEG-AVC), High-Efficiency Video Coding (H.265/MPEG-HEVC) and VP9 on the basis of subjective and objective quality evaluations. The main goal of the encoder is to compress video contents. In this paper, the compression of High Definition (HD) and Ultra High Definition (UHD) video contents are studied by above mentioned codecs for different scenarios, such as broadcasting and streaming. An extensive range of bit-rates from low to high bit-rates were selected and encoded the video sequences. of each encoder configuration corresponds to low quality up to excellent quality were compared to original and uncompressed video. Four video sequences were encoded by using same encoding configurations for all the examined video encoders. According to the experimental analysis, HEVC showed a clear supremacy of HEVC encoding algorithm as compared to other alternatives such as AVC and VP9. In addition, VP9 shows competitive results as compared to AVC.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication26th International Conference on Microelectronics (ICM), 2014
Number of pages4
ISBN (Print)9781479981540
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • data compression
  • image sequences
  • video coding
  • video streaming
  • H.264-MPEG-AVC
  • H.265-MPEG-HEVC
  • VP9 comparison efficiency
  • advanced video coding standard
  • bit-rate encoding
  • bit-rate selection
  • high definition video content compression
  • high-efficiency video coding standard
  • objective quality evaluation
  • quality-of-experience evaluation
  • subjective quality evaluation
  • ultra high definition video content compression
  • video encoders
  • video sequences
  • Codecs
  • Encoding
  • Standards
  • Streaming media
  • Transform coding
  • AVC
  • HEVC
  • QoE
  • VP9
  • objective quality
  • quality evaluation
  • subjective quality


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