Progress in the use of metal chalcogenides for batteries

Muhammad Adil Abassi, Mohammad A. Abdelkareem, Enas T. Sayed, Anum Iqbal, Cristina Rodriguez, Abdul Ghani Olabi

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Successful innovations for the improvement of energy storage technologies depend critically on fabricating new materials with merits of increased power and energy densities, greater efficiency in delivering power, firmness during electrochemical events and safety concerns. Metal chalcogenides (MCs) are a particular element of consideration due to their diverse promising characteristics such as good reversible capacity and ample electroactive sites. In this article, recent progress in the use of Metal chalcogenides as promising candidates for advanced battery systems has been addressed in terms of structure-oriented ion storing mechanism, the existing optimally functionalized MCs based compounds, and morphologically modulated MCs nano-architectures. Finally, a unification of computational and experimental studies is recommended to overcome existing challenges.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationReference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering
PublisherElsevier B.V.
ISBN (Print)9780128035818
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2021

Publication series

NameReference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering


  • batteries
  • electrochemical devices
  • energy storage
  • metal chalcogenides
  • smart materials


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