On the enhanced E1 transitions in the K = 3/2 parity doublet band in 223Ra

H. Mach, A. Lindroth, E. Ruchowska, J. Kvasil, B. Fogelberg, K. Gulda, A. J. Aas, M. J. G. Borge, I. S. Grant, E. Hagebø, W. Kurcewicz, T. Martinez, B. Rubio, J. F. Smith, K. Steffensen, J. L. Tain, O. Tengblad, T. F. Thorsteinsen

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We have applied the fast timing βγγ(t)βγγ(t) technique to remeasure lifetimes of selected states in 223Ra populated in the β−β− decay of 223Fr. T1/2=587(12)T1/2=587(12) ps and 210(13)ps have been obtained for the 3/2−3/2− and 5/2−5/2− states at 50.1 and 79.7 keV, that are more accurate than the previous values of 630(70)ps and 166(55)ps, respectively. Our |D0||D0| value of 0.155(10)e·fm obtained for the K=3/2K=3/2 configuration together with the available values of |D0||D0| for the K=1/2K=1/2 and K=5/2K=5/2 parity doublet bands establish the configuration dependence of |D0||D0| at low spins in this nucleus. Results of theoretical calculations performed for 223Ra, using the quasiparticle-phonon model (QPM) with inclusion of the Coriolis coupling, reasonably well reproduce octupole correlations in this nucleus.
Original languageEnglish
Article number172
JournalThe European Physical Journal A
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 2016


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