Myles midwifery anatomy and physiology workbook

Jean Rankin, Tom McEwan (Contributor)

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The latest edition of this popular volume offers a wide selection of appealing, interactive and engaging exercises specifically tailored for different learning styles.Fully updated in response to student feedback, Myles Midwifery Anatomy and Physiology Workbook 2e presents a variety of activities ranging from colouring and labelling exercises and 'match and connect' to 'true false' and 'identify the correct response'. Perfect for readers who find A&P challenging, or for anyone who just needs to recap and consolidate, the book is ideal for learning or consolidating knowledge in an enjoyable, non-pressurised environment.Designed for all students of midwifery, Myles Midwifery Anatomy and Physiology Workbook will be perfect for preregistration readers and anyone on 'return to practice' programs.Key FeaturesStraightforward language and user-friendly approach, designed for different learning styles, help simplify challenging areas of studyPresents individual exercises in a wide variety of formats such as labelling diagrams, 'match and connect', 'true or false' and 'identify the correct response' all specifically designed to reinforce knowledge and understandingOffers an appealing, interactive and engaging way to learn anatomy and physiologySuitable for an international audience by, for example, the inclusion of different approaches to manoeuvres or named movements used in obstetric emergenciesNew to this EditionUpdated in response to student feedback with additional question formats such as popular labelling diagrams and 'match and connect' assessmentsInformation for specific activities are based on the latest RCOG and NICE Guidelines
Original languageEnglish
PublisherElsevier Limited
Number of pages306
ISBN (Print)9780702076480
Publication statusPublished - 12 Feb 2020


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