More choices, more chances: minority ethnic young people leaving school in Glasgow

Nighet Riaz

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This paper presents a qualitative case study using Bourdieu’s concepts of habitus, field and capital to explore the construction of black and minority ethnic (BME) young people labelled as requiring More Choices, More Chances (MCMC). The BME young people in the study have been identified as having the propensity to fall out of education, employment and training upon exiting compulsory education, therefore requiring support to transition from compulsory education to a positive destination. Despite detailed information being available to the Scottish Government, local councils, schools and affiliated agencies, there is limited understanding of the cultural identity and needs of the young people.  Although aspirational statements are ascribed in youth policy documents, there is no clarity as to how these statements are implemented, where the needs of the BME young people are being recognised by the schools and interventions tailored to help them reach their full potential as per guidelines outlined in polices such as Curriculum for Excellence (2004), MCMC (2006), Moving Forward (2007) and GIRFEC (2008).

Semi-structured one to one, paired and group interviews with young people, youth workers and teachers. Hsieh and Shannon’s (2005) framework was used for analysis of the data. Key themes were used to describe, interpret and better understand the backgrounds of the BME young people, policy and practice.

Ambiguities in policy understanding and implementation were found alongside discrimination through ‘othering’, racism and Islamophobia in the schools and the community.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 12 May 2016
EventSchool Success, School Failure and Early School Leaving: Political, Institutional and Subjective Factors - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 12 May 201613 May 2016


ConferenceSchool Success, School Failure and Early School Leaving
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