Mixed methods evaluation of motivational interviewing in a UK chronic kidney disease population

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Chronic disease is a global health challenge and leading cause of premature death (World Health Organization, 2016). Modifiable
risk factors such as cigarette smoking, high alcohol intake, poor diet and low levels of physical activity contribute to the main
chronic diseases (Kontis et al., 2014). Interventions which can influence lifestyle risk factors are beneficial.

Motivational Interviewing is known to help support people to change their behavior based on intrinsic motivation (Miller
and Rollick, 2013). However, there is limited evidence to support the use of motivational interviewing in chronic kidney disease

This study utilizes a novel approach, the Self-Administered Motivational Interviewing tool developed by Duffy (2005). The
self-administered tool allows individuals to identify their own problems and explore solutions. It has advantages over face to face motivational interviewing such as consistency. It also requires no training of staff in order to administer.

The mixed methods study consisted of a randomized controlled trial of 54 adults receiving hemodialysis treatment for chronic
kidney disease. Data was collected at baseline. This was followed up one month, three months and six months later. A total of 33
participants completed the study. Individual interviews were conducted with participants in the experimental group who received the Self-Administered Motivational Interviewing tool (n=17). Outcome measures included modifiable risk factors, Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 12v2 questionnaire, general self-efficacy measurement and the Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire.

The Self-Administered Motivational Interviewing tool was found to be acceptable to study participants. Six people reported a
change in behavior. The behavior change identified in the study included three people reporting an increase in physical activity levels.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)82-82
Number of pages1
JournalAdvanced Practices in Nursing
Issue number3 (Supplement)
Publication statusPublished - 4 Sept 2017
Event30th World Congress on Advanced Nursing Practice - Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Duration: 4 Sept 20176 Sept 2017


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