Micro hydro-powered electricity generator

Ivan C.K. Tam, BALatiff Saifuddin, Ehsan Mesbahi

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Many remote villages are not introduced to electricity. A large part of world population is living in darkness every night. Some initiatives have been implemented to increase the standard of living of rural communities by conventional hydropower plant that construct a dam across the river creating reservoir for the system. However, this kind of solutions could potentially damage the eco-system. Harnessing energy by implementing micro hydropower system in a small scale is being proposed as an alternative and viable solution. It diverts the river and stream by channelling pipes to flow water to the turbine for electricity generation inflicting few damage to the eco-system. This report presents the design and fabrication of laboratory scale micro-hydropower electric generator. One of the objectives of this study is to develop procedures for fabrication a micro-hydropower electric generator by modifying low cost components from home appliances which are readily available in developing world.


ConferenceWorld Engineers Summit 2013 (WES 2013)
Abbreviated titleWES 2013
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