Managing construction projects during COVID-19 pandemic

Muhammad Ayat, Chang Wook Kang

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The unprecedented nature of coronavirus outbreak brought severe public health crises, disrupting social and economic activities all over the world in an unparalleled proportion in the modern history. Each sector and profession have been clouded by uncertainty. Project management is no exception to it. Several projects slow down or stopped temporarily. The pandemic brought changes to the schedules, budgets, scope and even project goals. It also changed the medium of communications at large and working styles such as working from home and following certain protocols of confinement and physical distancing in case of presence at project sites. Many of these adjustments are different than routine project management activities. These adjustments lead to economic consequences for organizations and have increased the risk of project failure. Managing projects during a pandemic brought real challenges for the organizations. Especially for those carrying large construction projects involving huge number of people, lack of experience, and preliminary arrangements in managing remote works. In this study, we analyze the prominent issues faced by the construction sector during the current pandemic and propose a new framework to minimize the effect of pandemic disruptions. This study based on the reviews of relevant reports, articles, and interviews of the experts and practitioners working in construction industry during the current pandemic. The study analyses the impact of current pandemics on time, cost, and scope of the projects, risk management, resources management and procurement process, project team and stakeholder communications, quality of the projects, and working norms in construction sites. The study proposes a new multi-dimensional framework involves flexible methodologies for minimizing the disruptions to the essential projects and make sure the achievement of intended objectives. The framework also present separate recommendations for organization and project manager to reduce the pandemic disruptions more effectively.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 11 Nov 2020
PM symposium of Korea Project Management Association on PM Driven Value Creation Based on Humanism-digital Convergence
- Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Duration: 11 Nov 202012 Nov 2020


PM symposium of Korea Project Management Association on PM Driven Value Creation Based on Humanism-digital Convergence
Country/TerritoryKorea, Republic of
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