Lifetime measurements in 52,54Ti to study shell evolution toward N=32

A. Goldkuhle*, C. Fransen, A. Blazhev, M. Beckers, B. Birkenbach, T. Braunroth, E. Clément, A. Dewald, J. Dudouet, J. Eberth, H. Hess, B. Jacquot, J. Jolie, Y.-H. Kim, A. Lemasson, S.M. Lenzi, H.J. Li, J. Litzinger, C. Michelagnoli, C. Muller-GatermannB.S. Nara Singh, R.M. Perez-Vidal, D. Ralet, P. Reiter, A. Vogt, N. Warr, K.O. Zell, A. Atac, D. Barrientos, C. Barthe-Dejean, G. Benzoni, A.J. Boston, H.C. Boston, P. Bourgault, I. Burrows, J. Cacitti, B. Cederwall, M. Ciemala, D.M. Cullen, G. De France, C. Domingo-Pardo, J.-L. Foucher, G. Fremont, A. Gadea, P. Gangnant, V. González, J. Goupil, C. Henrich, C. Houamer, M. Jean, D.S. Judson, A. Korichi, W. Korten, M. Labiche, A. Lefevre, L. Legeard, F. Legruel, S. Leoni, J. Ljungvall, A. Maj, C. Maugeais, L. Menager, N. Menard, R. Menegazzo, D. Mengoni, B. Million, H. Munoz, D.R. Napoli, A. Navin, J. Nyberg, M. Ozille, Zs. Podolyak, A. Pullia, B. Raine, F. Recchia, J. Ropert, F. Saillant, M.D. Salsac, E. Sanchis, C. Schmitt, J. Simpson, C. Spitaels, O. Stezowski, Ch. Theisen, M. Toulemonde, M. Tripon, J.-J. Valiente-Dobón, G. Voltolini, M. Zielińska

*Corresponding author for this work

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Lifetimes of the excited states in the neutron-rich 52,54Ti nuclei, produced in a multinucleon-transfer reaction, were measured by employing the Cologne plunger device and the recoil-distance Doppler-shift method. The experiment was performed at the Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds facility by using the Advanced Gamma Tracking Array for the γ-ray detection, coupled to the large-acceptance variable mode spectrometer for an event-by-event particle identification. A comparison between the transition probabilities obtained from the measured lifetimes of the 2+1 to 8+1 yrast states in 52,54Ti and that from the shell-model calculations based on the well-established GXPF1A, GXPF1B, and KB3G fp shell interactions support the N=32 subshell closure. The B(E2) values for 52Ti determined in this work are in disagreement with the known data, but are consistent with the predictions of the shell-model calculations and reduce the previously observed pronounced staggering across the even-even titanium isotopes.
Original languageEnglish
Article number054317
Number of pages12
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 18 Nov 2019


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