Let's get awkward

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In this introduction to the anthology, Servant-Leadership, Feminism, and Gender Well-Being, I reflect on the challenges society faces in the current environment of a crisis of care. Among these I address the struggle for equality—not just for women, but for the dignity of all marginalized groups. Pointing out injustice creates awkward moments, sometimes violent moments. In order to better deal with conflict and resist destroying each other, a consistent and intentional pursuit of integration is needed. When views and values conflict, we need a language for taming conflict, holding environments for suspending vulnerability, and protocols for shaping resilience. With this anthology, we aspire to get awkward and raise awareness of the crisis of care exemplified in leadership inequality. We aspire to provide insight into the alternative pathways that appreciative inquiry, care ethics, and servant-leadership can provide both in times of crisis and in times of perceived normalcy. It is our hope to inspire and equip our readers with language to approach conflict with courage, to stand and create the awkwardness we need to evolve.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationServant-Leadership, Feminism, and Gender Well-Being
Subtitle of host publicationHow Leaders Transcend Global Inequities Through Hope, Unity, and Love
EditorsJiying Song, Joe Walsh, Kae Reynolds, Jennifer Tilghman-Havens, Shann Ray Ferch, Larry Spears
Place of PublicationAlbany, NY
PublisherState University of New York Press
ISBN (Print)9781438490175
Publication statusPublished - 30 Sept 2022


  • Leadership
  • care
  • Ethics
  • crisis leadership
  • gender
  • feminist
  • Critical perspective
  • ethic of care
  • appreciative inquiry


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