High-spin structure of Xe-134

A. Vogt, B. Birkenbach, P. Reiter, A. Blazhev, M. Siciliano, J. J. Valiente-Dobón, C. Wheldon, D. Bazzacco, M. Bowry, A. Bracco, B. Bruyneel, R. S. Chakrawarthy, R. Chapman, D. Cline, L. Corradi, F. C. L. Crespi, M. Cromaz, G. de Angelis, J. Eberth, P. FallonE. Farnea, E. Fioretto, S. J. Freeman, A. Gadea, K. Geibel, W. Gelletly, A. Gengelbach, A. Giaz, A. Görgen, A. Gottardo, A. B. Hayes, H. Hess, H. Hua, P. R. John, J. Jolie, A. Jungclaus, W. Korten, I. Y. Lee, S. Leoni, X. Liang, S. Lunardi, A. O. Macchiavelli, R. Menegazzo, D. Mengoni, C. Michelagnoli, T. Mijatović, G. Montagnoli, D. Montanari, D. Napoli, C. J. Pearson, L. Pellegri, Zs. Podolyák, G. Pollarolo, A. Pullia, F. Radeck, F. Recchia, P. H. Regan, E. Şahin, F. Scarlassara, G. Sletten, J. F. Smith, P.-A. Söderström, A. M. Stefanini, T. Steinbach, O. Stezowski, S. Szilner, B. Szpak, R. Teng, C. Ur, V. Vandone, D. Ward, D. D. Warner, A. Wiens, C. Y. Wu

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Detailed spectroscopic information on the N∼82 nuclei is necessary to benchmark shell-model calculations in the region. The nuclear structure above long-lived isomers in Xe134 is investigated after multinucleon transfer (MNT) and actinide fission. Xenon-134 was populated as (i) a transfer product in Xe136+U238 and Xe136+Pb208 MNT reactions and (ii) as a fission product in the Xe136+U238 reaction employing the high-resolution Advanced Gamma Tracking Array (AGATA). Trajectory reconstruction has been applied for the complete identification of beamlike transfer products with the magnetic spectrometer PRISMA. The Xe136+Pt198 MNT reaction was studied with the γ-ray spectrometer GAMMASPHERE in combination with the gas detector array Compact Heavy Ion Counter (CHICO). Several high-spin states in Xe134 on top of the two long-lived isomers are discovered based on γγ-coincidence relationships and information on the γ-ray angular distributions as well as excitation energies from the total kinetic energy loss and fission fragments. The revised level scheme of Xe134 is extended up to an excitation energy of 5.832 MeV with tentative spin-parity assignments up to 16+. Previous assignments of states above the 7− isomer are revised. Latest shell-model calculations employing two different effective interactions reproduce the experimental findings and support the new spin and parity assignments.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)054325
Number of pages1
JournalPhysical Review C
Publication statusPublished - 25 May 2016


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