High-spin structure in the transitional nucleus 131Xe: Competitive neutron and proton alignment in the vicinity of the N = 82 shell closure

L. Kaya, A. Vogt, P. Reiter, M. Siciliano, B. Birkenbach, A. Blazhev, L. Coraggio, E. Teruya, N. Yoshinaga, K. Higashiyama, K. Arnswald, D. Bazzacco, A. Bracco, B. Bruyneel, L. Corradi, F.C.L. Crespi, G. de Angelis, J. Eberth, E. Farnea, E. FiorettoC. Fransen, B. Fu, A. Gadea, A. Gargano, A. Giaz, A. Görgen, A. Gottardo, K. Hadyńska-Klęk, H. Hess, R. Hetzenegger, R. Hirsch, N. Itaco, P.R. John, J. Jolie, A. Jungclaus, W. Korten, S. Leoni, L. Lewandowski, S. Lunardi, R. Menegazzo, D. Mengoni, C. Michelagnoli, T. Mijatović, G. Montagnoli, D. Montanari, C. Müller-Gatermann, D. Napoli, Zs. Podolyák, G. Pollarolo, A. Pullia, M. Queiser, F. Recchia, D. Rosiak, N. Saed-Samii, E. Şahin, F. Scarlassara, D. Schneiders, M. Seidlitz, B. Siebeck, J.F. Smith, P.-A. Söderström, A.M. Stefanini, T. Steinbach, O. Stezowski, S. Szilner, B. Szpak, C. Ur, J.J. Valiente-Dobón, K. Wolf, K.O. Zell

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The transitional nucleus 131Xe is investigated after multinucleon transfer in the
136Xe + 208Pb and 136Xe + 238U reactions employing the high-resolution Advanced γ -Tracking Array (AGATA) coupled to the magnetic spectrometer PRISMA at the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Italy, and as an elusive reaction product in the fusion-evaporation reaction 124Sn (11B,p3n) 131Xe employing the High-efficiency Observatory for γ-Ray Unique Spectroscopy (HORUS) γ-ray array coupled to a double-sided silicon strip detector at the University of Cologne, Germany. The level scheme of 131Xe is extended to 5 MeV. A pronounced backbending is observed at ℏω ≈ 0.4 MeV along the negative-parity one-quasiparticle νh 11/2 (α=−1/2) band. The results are compared to the high-spin systematics of the Z = 54 isotopes and the N = 77 isotones. Large-scale shell-model calculations employing the PQM130, SN100PN, GCN50:82, SN100-KTH, and a realistic effective interaction reproduce the experimental findings and provide guidance to elucidate the structure of the high-spin states. Further calculations in 129−132Xe provide insight into the changing nuclear structure along the Xe chain towards the N=82 shell closure. Proton occupancy in the π0h11/2 orbital is found to be decisive for the description of the observed backbending phenomenon.
Original languageEnglish
Article number014309
Number of pages21
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 6 Jul 2018


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