Governando para além do PISA: conhecimento, redes e narrativas

Translated title of the contribution: Governing beyond PISA: knowledge, networks and narratives

Jenny Ozga, Margaret A. Arnott

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    OECD’s search for a new set of prescriptions for governing education is expressed in their Governing Complex Education Systems project (GCES), which seeks to combine identification of best practices in system organisation, with specific narratives of equity and quality supported by metrics that create a “robust evidence base” for policy. This paper analyses the content and direction of GCES, considers its take up in policy in Scotland, especially as reflected in the aftermath of the 2015 OECD report on improving education there, and of the 2016 PISA results. The paper discusses the content of the recommendations, especially as they relate to the key concepts of knowledge, networks and narratives, and their attempted translation into policy, and concludes by identifying tensions within OECD’s governing project.
    Keywords: Governing. Policy. Knowledge. Discourse. Narratives.
    Translated title of the contributionGoverning beyond PISA: knowledge, networks and narratives
    Original languagePortuguese
    Pages (from-to)1-22
    Number of pages22
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 6 Dec 2019


    • Governing
    • Policy
    • Knowledge
    • Discourse
    • Narratives


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