Mario Verdicchio (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact


Glitcher is glitter for glitch: tiny pieces of colored material used for glitch-like decoration. Not only glitcher is nice to look at and fun to play with: it raises interesting questions on the nature of glitch in visual art.
Glitter consists of tiny pieces of sparkling material usually used to decorate objects, accessories and clothes. We designed a very special type of glitter; we are proud
to introduce glitcher: glitter for glitch. When it comes to visuals, glitch is confined to the monitors connected to computing devices or to prints on paper. For those who have always loved the aesthetics of glitch and always searched for
a way to bring it to the world of concrete objects, glitcher is here to help.
Glitcher is extremely simple to use: just grab some and sprinkle appropriately on anything to create an edgy statement in glitch art. The edges of the rectangles
must be put either vertically or horizontally.
This care is needed if we want to reproduce the glitch effects in a convincing way. Faithfulness to the original glitch has also guided us in the design process: glitcher is
comprised of rectangular pieces because the shape of the hardware components in monitors (i.e. arrays of pixels) determines the visual form of glitches in digital images.
Do glitcher’s shape and appropriate placement enable us to convey glitch seamlessly from its traditional environment to ours? Not completely: the photograph above is not the artwork itself, but merely a picture of it. The real “Still life with banana and glitcher” is indeed a sculpture that provides a convincing glitch visual effect
only from a restricted set of points of view, outside of which the result is rather different, in that the rectangles in perspective appear like parallelograms and the connection with the phenomenology of traditional glitch
becomes weaker and weaker. This is also why glitcher cannot be used to accessorize people: their bodily movements annul the glitch effect.

"Glitcher" was exhibited in the AXA building during xCoAx 2014.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2014
Externally publishedYes
EventxCoAx 2014: Second Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X - Porto, Portugal
Duration: 26 Jun 201427 Jun 2014


  • Glitch Art
  • Sculpture


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