Giant Big Stik R/C UAV computer model development in JSBSim for sense and avoid applications

Oihane Cereceda, Luc Rolland, Siu O'Young

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Open-source aerospace simulation packages often lack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) models, limiting the study of their interaction with other elements in the airspace. These events, which are a consequence of encounters between manned and unmanned aircraft, have recently attracted interest due to the uncertainties created by UAVs in real environments. In this paper, a fit-for-purpose flight dynamics model specific for sense and avoid (SAA) strategies in near mid-air collision scenarios is developed based on existing model development practices and adjusted from flight data. The Giant Big Stik is recognized as the representative aircraft for testing SAA manoeuvres due to its capabilities. The simulation platform is based on the JSBSim open-source flight dynamics model, and the SAA application is carried out following the current regulations and flight recommendations for UAVs in Canada. Through this methodology, the error between the real and the computer model is reduced in every step that is minimal for the SAA application. The relevance of this paper is also shown in future applications, where this model will be incorporated into more complex simulations with manned aircraft for the study of avoidance manoeuvres that will serve the safe integration of UAVs into the airspace.
Original languageEnglish
Article number48
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 18 Jun 2019


  • JSBSim flight dynamics model
  • UAV computer model design
  • UAV simulation packages
  • UAV modelling tutorial


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