First identification of rotational band structures in Re-166(75)91

H.J. Li, M. Doncel, M. Patial, B. Cederwall, T. Bäck, U. Jakobsson, K. Auranen, S. Bönig, M. Drummond, T. Grahn, P. Greenlees, A. Herzáň, D.T. Joss, R. Julin, S. Juutinen, J. Konki, T. Kröll, M. Leino, C. McPeake, D. O'DonnellR.D. Page, J. Pakarinen, J. Partanen, P. Peura, P. Rahkila, P. Ruotsalainen, M. Sandzelius, J. Sarén, B. Sayğı, C. Scholey, J. Sorri, S. Stolze, M.J. Taylor, A. Thornthwaite, J. Uusitalo, Z.G. Xiao

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Excited states in the odd-odd, highly neutron-deficient nucleus 166Re have been investigated via the 92Mo(78Kr,3p1n)
166Re reaction. Prompt γ rays were detected by the JUROGAM II γ-ray spectrometer, and the recoiling fusion-evaporation products were separated by the recoil ion transport unit (RITU) gas-filled recoil separator and implanted into the Gamma Recoil Electron Alpha Tagging spectrometer located at the RITU focal plane. The tagging and coincidence techniques were applied to identify the γ-ray transitions in 166Re, revealing two collective, strongly coupled rotational structures, for the first time. The more strongly populated band structure is assigned to the πh11/2[514]9/2−⊗νi13/2[660]1/2+ Nilsson configuration, while the weaker structure is assigned to be built on a two-quasiparticle state of mixed πh11/2[514]9/2−⊗ν[h9/2f7/2]3/2− character. The configuration assignments are based on the electromagnetic characteristics and rotational properties, in comparison with predictions from total Routhian surface and particle-rotor model calculations.
Original languageEnglish
Article number014310
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2015
Externally publishedYes

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    Li, H. J., Doncel, M., Patial, M., Cederwall, B., Bäck, T., Jakobsson, U., Auranen, K., Bönig, S., Drummond, M., Grahn, T., Greenlees, P., Herzáň, A., Joss, D. T., Julin, R., Juutinen, S., Konki, J., Kröll, T., Leino, M., McPeake, C., ... Xiao, Z. G. (2015). First identification of rotational band structures in Re-166(75)91. Physical Review C, 92(1), [014310 ].