Fine structure in the a decay of Lu-156 and Ta-158

E. Parr, R.D. Page, D.T. Joss, F.A. Ali, K. Auranen, L. Capponi, T. Grahn, P.T. Greenlees, J. Henderson, A. Herzan, U. Jakobsson, R. Julin, S. Juutinen, J. Konki, M. Labiche, M. Leino, P.J.R. Mason, C. McPeake, D. O'Donnell, J. PakarinenP. Papadakis, J. Partanen, P. Peura, P. Rahkila, J.P. Revill, P. Ruotsalainen, M. Sandzelius, J. Saren, C. Scholey, J. Simpson, J.F. Smith, M. Smolen, J. Sorri, S. Stolze, A. Thornthwaite, J. Uusitalo

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Fine structure in the α decay of high-spin states in 156Lu and
158Ta has been identified by means of αγ-coincidence analysis. One new α decay from 156Lu and two from 158Ta were identified, one of which was found to populate a previously unknown state in 154Lu. The hindrance-factor systematics from all four odd-odd, N=85 nuclei with known α-decaying, πh11/2 coupled states were reviewed and are discussed. These proved consistent with the previously assigned (πh11/2νh9/2) 10+ configuration of the
α-decaying state in 156Lu, which differs from the
(πh11/2νf7/2) 9+ assignments in the other three nuclei.
Original languageEnglish
Article number054307
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 9 May 2019


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