Fields of Green - Portfolio Submission

Jo Scott (Artist), Matt Brennan, Angela Connelly, Gemma Lawrence, Louis Abbott (Artist), RM Hubbert (Artist), Johnny Lynch (Artist), Rachel Sermanni (Artist), Adem Ilhan (Artist), Craig Beaton (Artist), Paul McGeechan (Contributor)

Research output: Non-textual formDigital or Visual Products


A portfolio of popular music songwriting-based works examining touring songwriters' relationships to environmental sustainability and sustainable futures, and their engagement on these issues with audiences in the context of required behaviour change. Outputs stem from AHRC funded research project Fields of Green: Addressing Sustainability and Climate Change through Music Festival Communities and follow-on project When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday.
Portfolio output 1. - Wrack Lines EP: 5-track EP of original songs representing practice-based research into the relationship of festival artists and audiences to the environmental sustainability of live music (in festival contexts)Performed, co-written, co-recorded and directed by Dr Jo Collinson Scott (under her stage name Jo Mango).Co-written and performed with Louis Abbott (1.Loneliness and Rhythm); RM Hubbert (2.Sustain); Pictish Trail (3. Believe Me, I Know); Rachel Sermanni (5. Bitter Fruit). Produced by Jo Mango, recorded by Paul McGeechan (except for track 3. Pictish Trail). Released by Olive Grove Records, Glasgow, UK, Jan 2016.
Portfolio Output 2. A Published Contextualisation of the Work as Research - Brennan, M., Scott, J., Connelly, A., & Lawrence, G. (2019). Do music festival communities address environmental sustainability and how? A Scottish case study. Popular Music, 38(2), 252-275.
Portfolio Output 3. A series of performances of a set of three original songs composed as part of follow-on project investigating practice-led research responses by touring songwriters to thinking about the future of environmental sustainability.1. The Ceasing - drawn from workshops with climate change adaptation experts and community stakeholders in Edinburgh (Summerhall). Co-written with Louis Abbott.2. Better Lands - drawn from workshops with climate change adaptation experts and community stakeholders at Manchester University. Co-written with Craig B and Louis Abbott.Both performed live at Manchester Museum (Climate Control Exhibition), recorded by Nick Jenkins, filmed by Wake Up Advice.3. If I Could Choose - drawn from workshops with Julie’s Bicycle and selected musician stakeholders at Somerset House (London). Co-written with Adem Ilhan. Performed with Adem in London in a field location, recorded by Nick Jenkins, filmed by Wake Up Advice.

Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2016


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