Exporting Zagreb: Constructing the Present of Memory. Group exhibition.

Katarzyna Kosmala (Curator), Gordana Bakić (Artist), Rene Bachrach Krištofić (Artist), Ana Bilankov (Artist), Siniša Bovcon (Artist), Sebastijan Dračić (Artist), Danko Friščić (Artist), Martina Grlić (Artist), Sanja Iveković (Artist), Helena Janečić (Artist), Andreja Kulunčić (Artist), Ines Matijević Cakić (Artist), Pavle Pavlović (Artist), Stjepan Šandrk (Artist), Edita Schubert (Artist), Igor Taritaš (Artist), Zlatan Vehabović (Artist), Davor Vrankić (Artist), Nataša Vuković (Artist)

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Exporting Zagreb, Constructing the Present of Memory

20.2.16 - 4.4.16 National Museum in Gdansk

The construction of memory and the related processes of rewriting, recalling, remembering, commemorating, exalting as well as forgetting, are ultimately realised by merging the personal with the collective lens.
With an overarching desire to demonstrate the rich context and diverse cultural heritage of different parts of Croatia and wider former Yugoslavia, this exhibition sheds light upon the formation of ‘new’ histories, while recognizing the region’s remarkable contribution to contemporary cultural and artistic creation.
The title of the exhibition highlights the importance of recent history in constructing the memory of the present and points at key transformations in the practice taking place today, contextualised back to the 1970s and the 1980s, acknowledging technological innovation and visual language of transgression in pioneering works of Edita Schubert (1947-2001) as well as early video experimentation and social activism by Sanja Iveković.
Several artists explore and comment on the politics of memory in the context of on-going negotiation with the Europeanization project vis a vis distancing from the Yugoslavian-centred historical grand narrative and cultural identity. Others enter into a more personalised dialogue with the private, exploring reticent spaces of remembrance, politicising the forgotten and the silenced, as well as analysing a construction of memory via a more autobiographical approach, or engaging private archives.
The works are displayed into four thematic sections: 1. In the mirror; 2. Permanent temporality; 3. Political gloss; and 4. Breathing the everyday

Curator: Katarzyna Kosmala (curatorial concept and catalogue text)
Original languageEnglish
Size19 artists
Publication statusPublished - 20 Feb 2016
EventExporting Zagreb, Constructing the Present of Memory. : International group exhibition. 19 artists - National museum of Gdansk , Gdansk , Poland
Duration: 20 Feb 20167 Apr 2016


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