Enquiry-based blended learning: implementation in an undergraduate nursing degree programme in South Auckland

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Worldwide the focus of under-graduate and post-graduate nurse education has moved significantly toward the use of ‘blended-learning’ models, and in health disciplines this is often combined with an enquiry-based approach and the use of simulated practice (Dziuban, Hartman & Moskal, 2004; (Kahn, P. & O‘Rourke, K. 2005; McAlpine, Pannan & Fitzmaurice, 2008; Oliver, 2008). This move is being driven chiefly by research evidence; however it is has also influenced by changes in health care delivery; increased pressure on the funding of tertiary education; and a reduction in access to appropriate clinical placement experiences. In New Zealand, the government, like many others worldwide, has made it clear that there needs to be significant shift towards a Primary Health Care delivery model to reduce the significant burden that chronic disease places on the health budget (MOH, 2005). Consequently, this will require an increase in the number of Primary Care Nurses and these nurses will need a different set of skills to address this issue (Clendon, 2004; Whitehorse Division of General Practice, 2007) This presentation will provide an outline of an ‘enquiry-based blended learning’ model being implemented in an undergraduate nursing bachelor degree programme in South Auckland. The presentation will include: examples of eLearning, and other technology-based solutions, that were developed to enable students develop some of the skills necessary to work in this emerging inter- disciplinary and inter-agency environment. The presentation will also describe 2 web-based initiatives: a website to supporting student and clinical mentors; and the development of an online Journal of Student Nurse Projects, the first of its kind.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2012
Externally publishedYes
EventKing Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital 28th Annual Nursing Symposium: Advancing Technology, Transforming Care - King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Duration: 11 Sept 201212 Sept 2012
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ConferenceKing Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital 28th Annual Nursing Symposium
Country/TerritorySaudi Arabia


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