Distant Voices: A Giant on the Bridge: PORTFOLIO SUBMISSION

Jo Scott (Artist), Fergus McNeill (Contributor), Phil Crocket Thomas, Louis Abbott (Composer), Dave Hook (Composer), Rachel Sermanni (Performer), Jill O'Sullivan (Performer), Alison Urie (Contributor), Oliver Escobar (Contributor), Lucy Cathcart Froden (Contributor), Liam Hurley (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formDigital or Visual Products


A 120min narrative gig performance titled A Giant on the Bridge. Part of a major ESRC/AHRC funded collaborative action research project Distant Voices: Coming Home, this portfolio of works is the first major practice-led output from the project, exploring how individual citizens and civil society institutions experience, make sense of and engage in re/integration after punishment, and how making and sharing songs about this both represents and supports re/integration.
Portfolio Output 1: The script of a 120min narrative gig performance titled A Giant on the Bridge combining original songs, stories, poems, raps and other texts co-written, co-created or co-researched with people associated with the criminal justice system.
The main practice-based research output of the major 3-year interdisciplinary research project Distant Voices: Coming Home, funded by the ESRC and the AHRC.
Devised by Scott along with dramaturg Liam Hurley, research assistant Phil Thomas and Distant Voices P.I. Fergus McNeill. Creative and artistic direction, research design and research curation by Scott. (See Appendix A for full listing of authorship of songs/texts.)

Portfolio Output 2: A film of one of the live performances - FILMING WAS POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS. The link given is a read-through version of the script of the live performance, filmed under lockdown conditions by the artists to give an impression of the material in lieu of the final performance itself (missing band-arrangements, actor interactions, choreography , direction etc).
Performed by Scott (under the performing name Jo Mango) along with artists Solareye, Louis Abbott, Jill O’Sullivan, and Rachel Sermanni.
Premiere screening of film June 2020, Sassari, Italy - POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 Apr 2020


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