Discover the BASE of academic writing to become a better writer

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Has anyone ever had a chat with you about your writing? Or their writing for that matter – and I don’t mean about their last publication but their writing process? Writing and in particular academic writing is one of those skills that people assume everyone has and picks up somehow by doing it – without ever really being properly shown how to write. I definitely haven’t been to any writing workshops that guided me along a piece of writing or exposed me to the frustrations of editing your own work. To make a start, lets explore your writing and I will share some tips to get you started. There are some activities in this blog post to help you with your writing. You can use the Explore Your Writing workbook, take notes for yourself as you read, or skip the activities all together.
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Publication statusPublished - 25 Feb 2022


  • academic life
  • creative writing
  • early career scientists
  • PhD
  • science communication
  • scientific writing
  • writing skills


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