DAGR: A DSL for Legacy OpenCL Codes: Porting SLAMBench KFusion to SYCL

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The C++ SYCL for OpenCL standard was ratified in 2015 by the Khronos Group, with early commercial and open-source implementations available already. Traditional OpenCL developers curious about the possibilities of the new API will find there is much to discover; including new C++ accessor classes, and the use of lambda functions and function objects. In this paper we introduce the DAGR embedded domain specific language, which attempts to provide an interface which can be readily used and understood by established OpenCL users; and benefit those porting OpenCL codes to SYCL especially. To investigate the robustness of SYCL and its implementations, as well as to help design and evaluate the DAGR API, we report on the completed effort to port the SLAMBench KFusion computer vision benchmark to SYCL using DAGR.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 13 Mar 2016
EventSYCL 2016 - The 1st SYCL Programming Workshop - Gran Hotel Princesa Sofía, Balcelona, Spain
Duration: 13 Mar 201613 Mar 2016


WorkshopSYCL 2016 - The 1st SYCL Programming Workshop


  • GPGPU OpenCL SYCL Khronos C++ Parallelism Computer Vision Benchmarking HPC


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