Comparison of the physicochemical properties of TiO2 thin films obtained by magnetron sputtering with continuous and pulsed gas flow

Artur Wiatrowski, Michal Mazur, Agata Obstarczyk, Damian Wojcieszak, Danuta Kaczmarek, Jerzy Morgiel, Desmond Gibson

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In this paper, a comparison of TiO2 thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering with a continuous and pulsed gas flow was presented. Structural, surface, optical, and mechanical properties of deposited titanium dioxide coatings were analyzed with the use of a wide range of measurement techniques. It was found that thin films deposited with a gas impulse had a nanocrystalline rutile structure instead of fibrous-like anatase obtained with a continuous gas flow. TiO2 thin films deposited with both techniques were transparent in the visible wavelength range, however, a much higher refractive index and packing density were observed for coatings deposited by the pulsed gas technique. The application of a gas impulse improved the hardness and scratch resistance of the prepared TiO2 thin films.
Original languageEnglish
Article number412
Number of pages16
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 20 Nov 2018



  • gas impulse magnetron sputtering
  • thin films
  • TiO2
  • microstructure
  • Surface Properties
  • Optical properties
  • mechanical properties
  • Hardness
  • scratch resistance

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