Climate Change Adaptation: What is the problem?

Cathy Daly* (Contributor), Will Megarry (Contributor), JoAnn Cassar (Contributor), Bethune Carmichael (Contributor), Ricardo Chirinos Portocarrro (Contributor), Carmen Daly (Contributor), John Hughes (Contributor), Mercy Mbogelah (Contributor), Masoud Nakhaei (Contributor), Esmeralda Paupério (Contributor), Witiya Pittungnapoo (Contributor), João Sousa Rego (Contributor), Sheridan Burke (Contributor), Peter Cox (Contributor), Roger-Alexandre Lefevre (Contributor), Adam Markham (Contributor), Cecilie Smith-Christensen (Contributor)

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Other contribution

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This guide has been created by the Climate Action Working Group and is aimed at ICOMOS members, national and international scientific committees. Using case studies provided by the ICOMOS community, it addresses the topic of climate change adaptation under the following headings:
- What is the problem?
- Why does it matter?
- How can ICOMOS address climate change adaptation?
- What can we do now?
Original languageEnglish
TypeAdaptation Toolkit
Number of pages14
Place of PublicationCharenton-le-Pont, France
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • climate change
  • adaptation
  • cultural heritage


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