Application of nanotechnology in construction: summary of a state-of-the-art report

W. Zhu, P. J.M. Bartos, A. Porro

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The paper is an extended summary of the state-of-the-art report on Application of Nanotechnology in Construction, which is one of the main tasks of a European project Towards the setting up of a Network of Excellence in Nanotechnology in Construction (NANOCONEX). The paper first presents background information and current developments of nanotechnology in general. Then, the current activities and awareness of nanotechnology in the construction industry are examined by analysing results of a survey of construction professionals and leading researchers in the field. This is followed by results of a desk study of nanotechnology development and activities focussing on key areas relevant to construction and the built environment. Examples of nanotechnology-enabled materials and products that are either on the market or ready to be adopted in the construction industry are provided. Finally, the future trend/potential and implications of nanotechnology development in construction are discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)649-658
Number of pages10
JournalMaterials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2004
Externally publishedYes


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