An intelligent simulation model for design and costing of high temperature ballast water treatment systems

Ehsan Mesbahi, Rosemary Norman, M. Wan Chee Peng

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The ecosystem and economic damage caused by the introduction of nonindigenous marine species through the medium of ballast water has led to much research into onboard ballast water treatment systems. These treatment systems must be capable of meeting the new IMO standards while having a minimal effect both on the environment and on the operational cost and safety of the vessel. One promising solution to the problem appears to be thermal treatment of ballast water, although low-temperature treatment systems have some limitations, notably the long treatment time required. High-temperature ballast water treatment at discharge using a two-stage heat exchanger has been successfully demonstrated at laboratory and pilot scale. An intelligent simulation model is presented that may be used as a design tool to estimate capital and operational costs of a high-temperature treatment system. A study of the economic impact of such a treatment system on a range of bulk carriers has been carried out, and the results are presented.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)194-202
JournalMarine Technology/SNAME News
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2007

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