A new method proposed for realizing human gait pattern recognition: inspirations for the application of sports and clinical gait analysis

Datao Xu, Huiyu Zhou, Wenjing Quan, Xinyan Jiang, Minjun Liang, Shudong Li, Ukadike Chris Ugbolue, Julien S. Baker, Fekete Gusztav, Xin Ma, Li Chen, Yadong Gu*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Finding the best subset of gait features among biomechanical variables is considered very important because of its ability to identify relevant sports and clinical gait pattern differences to be explored under specific study conditions. This study proposes a new method of metaheuristic optimization-based selection of optimal gait features, and then investigates how much contribution the selected gait features can achieve in gait pattern recognition.

Firstly, 800 group gait datasets performed feature extraction to initially eliminate redundant variables. Then, the metaheuristic optimization algorithm model was performed to select the optimal gait feature, and four classification algorithm models were used to recognize the selected gait feature. Meanwhile, the accuracy results were compared with two widely used feature selection methods and previous studies to verify the validity of the new method. Finally, the final selected features were used to reconstruct the data waveform to interpret the biomechanical meaning of the gait feature.

The new method finalized 10 optimal gait features (6 ankle-related and 4-related knee features) based on the extracted 36 gait features (85 % variable explanation) by feature extraction. The accuracy in gait pattern recognition among the optimal gait features selected by the new method (99.81 % ± 0.53 %) was significantly higher than that of the feature-based sorting of effect size (94.69 % ± 2.68 %), the sequential forward selection (95.59 % ± 2.38 %), and the results of previous study. The interval between reconstructed waveform-high and reconstructed waveform-low curves based on the selected feature was larger during the whole stance phase.

The selected gait feature based on the proposed new method (metaheuristic optimization-based selection) has a great contribution to gait pattern recognition. Sports and clinical gait pattern recognition can benefit from population-based metaheuristic optimization techniques. The metaheuristic optimization algorithms are expected to provide a practical and elegant solution for sports and clinical biomechanical feature selection with better economy and accuracy.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)293-305
Number of pages13
JournalGait & Posture
Early online date27 Oct 2023
Publication statusPublished - 31 Jan 2024


  • gait pattern recognition
  • sports and clinical gait
  • biomechanics feature selection
  • metaheuristic optimization algorithm


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