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The success of 5G technologies depends closely on their ability to attract vertical stakeholders, seeking the move of their
services from cloud to the edge to meet unique KPIs. 5G-INDUCE project is based on the belief that such attractiveness
requires vertical stakeholders and NetApp developers to be able to smoothly deploy and manage applications in distributed
5G network environments, in a secure fashion and with strict KPI requirements.
5G-INDUCE relies on the deployment of an open ETSI NFV compatible 5G orchestration platform for the deployment of
advanced 5G NetApps. The platform’s unique features provide the capability to the NetApp developers to define and modify
the application requirements while the underlay intelligent OSS can expose the network capabilities to the end users on the
application level without revealing any infrastructure related information. This process enables an application-oriented
network management and optimization approach that is in line with the operator’s role as manager of its own facilities, while
it offers the operational environment to any developers and service providers through which tailored made applications can
be designed and deployed, for the benefit of vertical industries and without any indirect dependency through a cloud
The project focuses on the Industry 4.0 vertical sector, as one of the fastest growing and most impactful sectors in European
economy with high potentials for service development SMEs and with the capability to tackle all diverse cases of service
requirements. The platform is integrated over 3 5G Experimentation Facilities in Spain, Greece, and Italy, and extended with
links towards specific Industries, for the showcasing of NetApps in real 5G environment. The consortium includes all the
required stakeholders (MNOs, Industries, System integrators and SMEs) from the benefited business sectors evaluated in
the project, while significant part of the work (>50%) is conducted by innovative SMEs.
Effective start/end date1/02/2131/01/24


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