University of Stirling, Vice Chancellor's Award

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The award was made for the following proposal: an interdisciplinary series of “teachmeet” style symposia for doctoral students in the Schools of Education and Social Sciences. Teachmeets originated as democratic, participative professional learning opportunities for teachers which are 100% organised and run by teachers. With this proposal we are seeking to adapt this model of learning for doctoral students in education and social sciences to encourage interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. The symposia will involve a mixture of presentations and round table discussions in an informal atmosphere. They are hosted by (typically) a known personality and contributor in the relevant field who comperes and introduces presentations. All participants are expected to make a presentation and volunteers are required to facilitate round table discussions. It will run according to fairly strict protocols including:
• Presentations last either 2 or 7 minutes and times are strictly adhered to
• No powerpoint
• Names of presenters are randomly generated (i.e. in no particular order)
Our objective is are to facilitate knowledge exchange (methodological and professional) amongst PGR students across both schools, and in turn create an active and sustainable network of Stirling research students (face to face and online) The symposia build on the newly-formed academic ties between doctoral students in the two schools; we have just organised a seminar on careers and publishing during your PhD.
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