Fellowship status in the Higher Education Academy

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


Fellowship (Descriptor 2) is the appropriate category of fellowship to professionally recognise individuals from a wide variety of different contexts whose higher education (HE) teaching and/or support for learning practice enables them to evidence all 15 of the PSF 2023 Dimensions to meet the requirements of PSF 2023 Descriptor 2.

Fellowship (Descriptor 2) is for individuals whose practice with learners has breadth and depth, enabling them to evidence all PSF 2023 Dimensions. Effectiveness of practice in teaching and/or support of high-quality learning will need to be demonstrated to meet Descriptor 2 through evidence of the following three criteria statements:

D2.1 use of all five Professional Values
D2.2 application of all forms of Core Knowledge
D2.3 effective and inclusive practice in all five Areas of Activity
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsAdvance HE