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I am a geo-informatics specialist with particular interest in the application of spatial analysis techniques to study the behaviour of the Scottish property market.  After my appointment in 1985 in the Department of Land Economics of the then University of Paisley and until the demise of the said Department in 2010, I developed numerous web-based applications and produced a large number of research reports for a large number of housing sub-markets.  Although my interests in the real estate area remain strong, I had to change direction post-2010 and having the opportunity to teach strategic management techniques and business analytics, my research interests are focused in international business ethics, influenced by my work in the international activities of the University.

Current research activities

Although my interest in the behaviour of the Scottish property market remains unabated, the loss of immediate access to primary data has greatly minimized my ability of realistic research in this area.  During my work in strategic management and business analytics in the last few years, I have become interested in national and cultural differences both between nations and between organisations, as the topic is of particular interest to international business students.  I am at present in research for appropriate datasets to support my research question if a global global culture gives a business competitive advantage.

Desired research direction

I wish to demonstrate and prove to my students that acquiring a global culture will give them an unrivaled competitive advantage when conducting business overseas.  I wish to explore ways and means that will help navigate through cultural differences and avoid falling into those cultural traps that so often endanger careers and sink deals.  My aim is to produce a model that will enable the decoding of how cultural differences impact on international business, by means of a smart analytical framework.

Target collaborative organisations

Institute of Business Ethics, Institute for Business and Professional Ethics


I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business and Enterprise, where my teaching and module coordination responsibilities include Strategic Management, Business Research Skills and Cultural Diversity in International Business Ethics.  In addition, I have responsibility for all international student and staff mobility under the ERASMUS+ exchange program.


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