Michael Bowry

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  • Lecturer in Physics (UWS Paisley Campus).
  • Researcher (experimental), Nuclear Physics Research Group.


Area of academic expertise - outline

  • Nuclear decay spectroscopy
  • Gamma ray and conversion electron spectroscopy
  • Beta decay
  • Metastable (isomeric) excited states

Current research activities

  • Octupole degrees-of-freedom in neutron-rich radium isotopes produced in francium beta decay.
  • Spectroscopy of exotic neutron number (N) = atomic number (Z) nuclei produced in nucleon-knockout reactions.
  • Isospin symmetry-breaking (ISB) corrections, mirror-energy differences (MED).
  • Rapid proton-capture (rp-) process nucleosynthesis.
  • Angular momentum population in relativistic heavy-ion fragmentation reactions.

Current teaching activities and interests

  • Lecturer in Physics, Paisley Campus.
  • Outreach and STEM promotion to general audiences.


  • QC Physics
  • Beta decay
  • Gamma-ray spectroscopy
  • Octupole deformation
  • Nuclear structure
  • Isomeric states
  • Isospin symmetry


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  • Abrasion-fission reactions at intermediate energies

    Bowry, M., Tarasov, O. B., Berryman, J. S., Bader, V., Bazin, D., Chupp, T., Crawford, H. L., Gade, A., Lunderberg, E., Ratkiewicz, A., Recchia, F., Sherrill, B. M., Smalley, D., Stolz, A., Stroberg, S. R., Weisshaar, D., Williams, S., Wimmer, K. & Yurkon, J., 1 Sept 2023, In: Physical Review C. 108, 034604.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
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  • Decay spectroscopy of 160Eu: quasiparticle configurations of excited states and structure of Kπ=4+bandheads in 160Gd

    Yates, D., Krücken, R., Dillmann, I., Garrett, P. E., Olaizola, B., Vedia, V., Ali, F. A., Andreoiu, C., Ashfield, W., Ball, G. C., Beadle, Z., Bernier, N., Bhattacharjee, S. S., Bidaman, H., Bildstein, V., Bishop, D., Bowry, M., Burbadge, C., Caballero-Folch, R. & Chaney, D. Z. & 29 others, Cross, D. C., Diaz Varela, A., Dunlop, M. R., Dunlop, R., Evitts, L. J., Garcia, F. H., Garnsworthy, A. B., Georges, S., Gillespie, S. A., Hackman, G., Henderson, J., Jigmeddorj, B., Lassen, J., Li, R., Luna, B. K., MacLean, A. D., Natzke, C. R., Petrache, C. M., Radich, A. J., Rajabali, M. M., Regan, P. H., Saito, Y., Smallcombe, J., Smith, J. K., Spieker, M., Svensson, C. E., Teigelhöfer, A., Whitmore, K. & Zidar, T., 15 Jun 2023, In: Physical Review C. 107, 064309.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
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  • Photo-response of the N= Z nucleus 24 Mg

    Deary, J., Scheck, M., Schwengner, R., O'Donnell, D., Bemmerer, D., Beyer, R., Hensell, T., Junghans, A. R., Kögler, T., Müller, S. E., Römer, K., Schmidt, K., Turkat, S., Urlaß, S., Wagner, A., Bowry, M., Adsley, P., Agar, O., Chapman, R. & Crespi, F. C. L. & 23 others, Doherty, D. T., Friman-Gayer, U., Herzberg, R.-D., Isaak, J., Janssens, R. V. F., Kröll, T., Löher, B., Nara Singh, B. S., von Neumann-Cosel, P., Pellegri, L., Peters, E. E., Rainovski, G., Savran, D., Smith, J. F., Spieker, M., Thirolf, P. G., Triambak, S., Tornow, W., Venhart, M., Wiedeking, M., Wieland, O., Yates, S. W. & Zilges, A., 7 Sept 2023, In: The European Physical Journal A. 59, 10 p., 198.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
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  • Relative population of states in 21Mg from few-nucleon removal reactions

    Longfellow, B., Gade, A., Bazin, D., Bender, P. C., Bowry, M., Brown, B. A., Elman, B., Lunderberg, E., Rhodes, D., Spieker, M., Weisshaar, D. & Williams, S. J., 30 Jan 2023, In: Physical Review C. 107, 1, 8 p., 014620.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
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  • Coulomb excitation of 222Rn

    Spagnoletti, P., Butler, P. A., Gaffney, L. P., Abrahams, K., Bowry, M., Cederkäll, J., Chupp, T., de Angelis, G., De Witte, H., Garrett, P. E., Goldkuhle, A., Henrich, C., Illana, A., Johnston, K., Joss, D. T., Keatings, J. M., Kelly, N. A., Komorowska, M., Konki, J. & Kröll, T. & 24 others, Lozano, M., Nara Singh, B. S., O'Donnell, D., Ojala, J., Page, R. D., Pedersen, L. G., Raison, C., Reiter, P., Rodriguez, J. A., Rosiak, D., Rothe, S., Scheck, M., Seidlitz, M., Shneidman, T. M., Siebeck, B., Sinclair, J., Smith, J. F., Stryjczyk, M., Van Duppen, P., Viñals, S., Virtanen, V., Wrzosek-Lipska, K., Warr, N. & Zielińska, M., 22 Feb 2022, In: Physical Review C. 105, 2, 10 p., 024323.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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