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Investigation of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in 136-xenon via beta decay of the ground-state configuration of 136-iodine and 86-crypton populated from 86-bromine.


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Reader in Physics

1992 High school diploma at TG Backnang
1992-1993 Compulsory Military Service
1993-2000 Studies: Physics Diploma at Stuttgart University
2000-2005 PhD Studies, Institut fuer Strahlenphysik, Stuttgart University
2005 Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) ‘Magna Cum Laude’
2005-2007 Post Doc, University of Kentucky, group of Prof.Dr. Steven W. Yates
2007-2010 Post Doc, Liverpool University, Group of Prof. Dr. Peter A. Butler
2010-2013 Post Doc, TU Darmstadt, Group of Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kroell, 
Group Leader Project A1 of CRC-634 (SFB-634)
2013 Lecturer in Physics, University of the West of Scotland

2017 Reader in Physics, University of the West of Scotland

2020 Professor in Physics, University of the West of Scotland

Area of academic expertise - outline

Experimental low-energy nuclear structure physics:

I am one of the few nuclear spectroscopists who work on stable as well as on radioactive nuclei

Experimental techniques:

World-class expertise in nuclear resonance fluorescence (g,g'), neutron-induced reactions (thermal as well as fast), profound knowledge of fusion evaporation reactions, decay studies, Coulomb excitation, inelastic particle-scattering experiments [(a,a'g), (e,e')], and several other reactions.

Spectroscopy of:

gamma rays, conversion electrons, (heavy) charged particles, neutrons

Nuclear structure expertise:


  1. Nuclear electric dipole response (Quadrupole-octupole coupled, Pygmy Dipole Response, Giant Dipole Response)
  2. Nuclear magnetic dipole reponse (Scissors Mode, Spin-Flip, GT Resonances)
  3. Strong octupole correlations

Outstanding expertise:

  1. Low-lying isocalar and isovector (mixed-symmetry) excitations (quadrupole as well as octupole)
  2. Multi-phonon excitations (what was classically known as) in near-spherical nuclei
  3. Shape coexistence in the Zr/Mo (A~96 mass region) and A~180 Pb region.


Other interests: Basically, all features of the nuclear many-body quantum system and developments in physics. Besides I am interested in all aspects of science but in particular in history.


Other areas of expertise available for knowledge exchange

Additionally, I am interested in other aspects of the nuclear many-body quantum system such as shape coexistence, giant resonances, single-particle dominated structures, etc.). 

Current research activities

Research: Low-energy nuclear structure physics

A few examples for ongoing projects are:

- Double octupole phonon excitations in 208Pb. 

- Octupole correlations near 144-barium and 224-radium.

- Explore applicability of Moessbauer spectroscopy to 277-actinium. Is it possible to resolve the interaction of a CP-violating E1 moment and a crystal intrinsic electric field in an Ac2O3 lattice?

- Investigate the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in beta decay. Is there a connection to the reactor antineutrino problem?

- Investigate the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in the stable nickel nuclei using the (γ,γ') technique to determine the associated enhancement of neutron capture reactions in astrophysical scenarios (p-process 58Ni or r-process starting points). 

- Use various spectroscopic techniques to explore whether proposed candidates are (at least fragments) of low-lying octupole isovector (mixed-symmetry) states.


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  • Low-lying dipole response of 64Ni

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  • A new avenue in the search for CP violation: Mössbauer spectroscopy of 227 Ac

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  • Axial and triaxial degrees of freedom in 72Zn

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  • Photo-response of the N= Z nucleus 24 Mg

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