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I am looking to supervise academically excellent PhD candidates from all areas of the world and various backgrounds (e.g. Master's degrees in psychology, philosophy, sociology, political science, education etc.) with interests in the following or closely related topics: Ethics and leadership, ethical leadership i.e. anything related to philosophy or ethics in the context of leadership: e.g. virtue ethics (eudemonism), capacities ethics, feminist ethics, care ethics, ethic of care, Nussbaum's ethics, moral reasoning orientation, justice and care; Leadership, organisational leadership, self-leadership, i.e. anything related to leadership studies and leadership in societies, cultures, communities, organisations, businesses, groups, teams etc. various leadership theories i.e. servant leadership, authentic leadership, responsible leadership, distributed leadership, critical leadership etc.; Gender in leadership i.e. anything related to the gendering, gender performativity, gender role theory, gender congruity theory, women’s leadership, the agency myth in leadership; Critical/Feminist ethics/theory in leadership and organisational studies: i.e. feminist ethic of care, feminist research methods, feminist epistemology, (gendered discourse analysis of business leaders' communication); Followership: anything to do with follower-focused approached to organisational studies and in relation to ‘leadership’, follower-influence, influence without power, intelligent disobedience
Leadership development, leader learning, i.e. anything related to improving individuals' leadership: e.g. education, mentoring, coaching, development of leadership capacities, capabilities, competencies, skills, identities, voices, practice; Ethical leadership/follower development: i.e. anything related to improving ethical competencies in individuals both leaders and followers in organisations, cultures, society and communities, e.g. construction of leader/follower ethical identity, dual system processing in ethics (emotions versus rationality), moral judgment, moral action, moral sensitivity; Ethics in organisations: as above, anything related to philosophy or ethics in the context of organisations, employee wellbeing, organisational care, emotions in organisations, moral capitalism, the common good, the good life, narcissism, toxic leadership, bullying, gossip, and egoism and their impact on leadership/organisational processes/outcomes; Motivation to lead, motivation to serve (servant leadership), (Womens’) motivation to lead; Discourse, dialogue, debate, communicative manifestations of leadership / followership, process philosophy, process psychology in leadership, communication ethics, leader/follower communication, appreciative Inquiry, supportive communication
Innovative, arts-based research: e.g. aesthetic engagement, content analysis of cultural artefacts, rhetoric, film, literature, poetry, epideictic rhetoric, interviews, image management; Reflexivity, reflective practice in research; Critical Leadership Studies / Critical Management Studies i.e. Marxism, ethical aspects of power, empowerment vs. gaslighting and manipulation, destructive leadership/followership; Quantitative and qualitative approaches to research: especially content analysis but also thematic analysis, grounded theory, case study, survey, group differences, narrative inquiry, hermeneutics, factor analysis, development of survey instruments to measure constructs;

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