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Area of academic expertise - outline

Teaching and learning in animation and related technologies.  Techniques of educational enhancement through peer review in small to large groups.

Leadership training in animation groups/teams.

Other areas of expertise available for knowledge exchange

Extensive practical and technical expertise in firearms (small-arms and machine guns).  Teaching at undergraduate level in aspects of design, history and sytems of operation of firearms and ammunition.

Desired research direction

Effectiveness of educational technology in the teaching of animation.

Pedagogical uses of information graphics in forensic science education (particularly in relation to firearms education).  


Current research activities

Currently researching the use and effectiveness of peer review in group work in animation teaching.  The research is based around group sizes of five or six, and compelements other research in peer review currently being undertaken in other areas of animation teaching.

Target collaborative companies


Hardware production for 3d visualisation

Technical and historical aspects of firearms training.


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