Misogyny in Music - Written Evidence to UK Parliament Women and Equalities Committee

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Period12 Oct 2022

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleMisogyny in Music
    Media name/outletWomen and Equalities Committee - UK Parliament
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    DescriptionFor women working in the UK music industry, being subjected to bullying and harassment is the rule rather than the exception – 96% of women survey participants experienced bullying and harassment and they reported they experienced these behaviours an average of 19 times a day over the course of their career. The ubiquity and frequency normalises these workplace behaviours and creates the expectation for women that they have to accept bullying and harassment will happen to them.
    99% of women respondents experienced bullying. They were more likely than men to experience the following bullying behaviours:
    • Invasion of their personal space
    • Insulting or offensive remarks made about them by colleagues
    • Gossip or rumours spread about them by someone they work with
    • Being stared at in a hostile way
    • Persistent criticism about their work (including their creative outputs)
    • Hints or signals from others that they should quit working in the music industry
    96% of woman participants experienced harassment. They were more likely than men to be subjected to a range of sexually harassing behaviours, including but not limited to: unwanted sexual comments and questions; being sent unwanted sexual images; and sexual coercion.
    8 in 10 women respondents who experienced bullying and harassment did not make an official report.
    4 in 10 woman who made an official report indicated their career was negatively impacted.
    Producer/AuthorCassandra Jones and Kallia Manoussaki
    PersonsKallia Manoussaki