Interview by Scotsman-Society urged to take stand against internet bullies

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I was invited by  Scot MacNab from the Scotsman to provide an interview about the growing use of social media and the broader impact it's having on our attitudes and use of language. It was connected to the Holyrood report during July 2017 by the equalities committee on bullying in schools which raised concerns over the language used on Social Media Platforms... by political leaders and commentators ( it specifically cited the US Presidential election and Brexit debates). This was filtered through to a wider population and there's a now a concern we may be becoming de-sensitised to often aggressive and nasty language which then becomes "normalised.

Period15 Jul 2017

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleSociety urged to take stand against internet bullies
    Media name/outletScotsman
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    Description Scotland’s police and politicians are being warned that a new approach is needed to tackle social media bullying and abuse amid concerns about their “corrosive” effect on society. The power of platforms like Facebook and Twitter needs to be addressed, experts have warned, with concerns that the lack of action is “normalising” new levels of vitriol and aggression in everyday lives.

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    Producer/AuthorScott McNab
    PersonsTheofilos Tzanidis