The Info Lit Journey

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Premise of the Project:

A short film about the library and library services here at UWS, made by our students, for our students.

Project Summary:

The University Library Services require a short film or around three to five minutes placing the library at the heart of the UWS learning journey. Librarian Rae Riach and Academic Dr John Quinn have secured £3200 to fund this film from the SLIC Innovation and Development Fund. The film should support the notion that this learning journey is a partnership between all university users (students, staff and support) and feature narratives and imagery of student empowerment in the learning environment that specifically feature the library and library services. Ultimately, the short film should make the library and library services more visible to the student and academic community, highlighting its role as a vital partner in the learning journey.

The production of the film is intended to be a learning event that constructs a partnership between the students, the library, and selected academic staff. High Production values are central to this short film as the resource will be used for marketing and induction purposes across all of the university campuses, along with dissemination via the university website, the virtual learning environment and social media.

The film should not discuss a specific library resource, as those kinds of films have a very short shelf life, instead the film should show how library staff can assist at different levels of study and discuss the broad types of resources that are available in a general way. This should be a short film made by UWS student for UWS students.

Target Audience:

This short film is for all members of the UWS learning community, especially students, continuing and new.

Key Concepts for Communication:

1. We are a 5 Campus Library Service – Libraries in Paisley, Ayr, Hamilton Dumfries and London

2. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff

3. Using the Library helps you get better results, new research tool currently called Primo (this may change in the next two weeks) helps you search for books and journals at the same time.

4. We offer, books, journals, films and TV programmes, statistics, government documents, most of it electronic so that you can access it from home, on the move, wherever you have an internet connection.

5. We loan laptops, we have group study rooms and silent study areas

6. Help to get you started with research in your first year, still there to help with your dissertation

7. We can help you to navigate the internet for research

8. Liaison librarians for each school – specialist knowledge

Communication Strategy:

The short film should be fast paced, entertaining and educational. The library very much wants to focus on students using the library and library services as well as testimony from students as to how the library has helped them succeed in their learning journey. The voice in the work should very much be that of the student and the tone and aesthetic should be in keeping with that notion. That said, cognizance should be taken of the UWS corporate aesthetic and this should be incorporated in to the short film where appropriate or applicable.

Information should be top loaded into the early portions of the short film, with expansions on this content occurring later in the run time. This will allow for shorter and longer readings of the short film depending on user engagement.
Period5 Jan 20175 Jan 2018
Degree of RecognitionNational