The Image Event

Activity: OtherTypes of Public engagement and outreach - Public lecture/debate/seminar


The Image Event: What happens when you become the Story? is the title of the first in a series of public research events developed and delivered by Creative Futures Institute, University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and CCA in Glasgow throughout 2015. In the lead up to an exhibition scheduled at CCA in 2016, this series examines what happens at several moments within ‘the event of the image’. Drawing from political events surrounding places such as Scotland, Turkey and Ukraine, the series questions the expectation that art has to provide action within our world, beyond only providing imagination. How do action and imagination relate? What are the consequences when artists and institutes become part of the story they address? What is the implication of criticality towards the use, partaking and view of a story, as well as acknowledging the force of mediating from the position of an artist? What are the limits of activism, criticism and interventionism in relation to art’s role in remaking and re-imagining the world? If we see the artist as someone who inserts herself into the world, we might need to have another look as to where this world is placed, and from which location the artist is speaking/engaging. In order to start answering such questions, The Image Event invites a range of international and national speakers from journalistic, artistic and political backgrounds to tells us more in public about their insertion in the world, from which position they speak, to help us define questions and seek answers to what the implications can be of ‘becoming a story’. A second Image Event will be organised in September and is entitled Challenging Elites. More info on speakers will be announced soon. Speakers and contributors: Eliot Higgins (Bellingcat), Peter Snowdon (UWS), Joanna Callaghan (University of Sussex). Convened and chaired by Graham Jeffery (UWS) and Remco de Blaijj (CCA). Schedule: 6pm: Joanna Callaghan – News Making Processes screening, 15 minutes + responses 6.45pm: Eliot Higgins 7.45pm: Break 8.15pm: The Uprising – film screening by Peter Snowdon 9.30pm: End. To book, please visit
Period19 Jun 2015
Held atCentre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow, United Kingdom


  • visual arts
  • cultural studies
  • cultural theory
  • journalism
  • visual culture