Studies in Musical Theatre (Journal)

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In preparation for publication - Interpretation and realisation of the Golden Ratio as a narrative structure for sung through musical theatre composition.

The golden ratio (Φ) is a catalyst for the development and creation of numerous artefacts in art, music, architecture, and design, manifesting human cognizance of proportion and aesthetic beauty. Over a cultural history dating back thousands of years, scholars have been fascinated by its numerical occurrences in nature, leading to theories of constructional usage in creative practice. Documented testaments are scarce, hence the practical application of Φ usage in major pieces of art is often treated as a myth. Documentation of the development process through analysis techniques and musical composition demonstrates a devised time-based numerical system that can be utilised as a technique for the design of future musical theatre compositional form or as an analysis devise for pre-existing sung through musicals. Data was gathered from published scores and recordings, interviews with prolific composers and producers, and an incipient musical composed for the research. The process offers an alternative method and form of through composed musical composition based on Φ and plot point placement.
Period1 Aug 2022
Type of journalJournal
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  • Golden Ratio
  • Musical Theatre