Research Advisory Group, Observatory for Sport, Scotland (External organisation)

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Chair of the Research Advisory Group for the Observatory for Sport in Scotland

We believe that sport can be a force for improvement of all aspects of life, with potential benefits impacting upon health and well-being, gender and race relations, education and social welfare, civic pride, law enforcement, business and tourism.
Our vision is to build an evidence-based platform that recognises this potential for improvement across the range of sports activities and levels, including school sport, but with a particular focus on community sport, which we see as the primary underpinning infrastructure.
The platform would be built on the development of a set of criteria, recognising, but significantly enhancing existing models, collecting data and measuring community sport participation, and facilitate benchmarking with other countries, such as Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands.
The Observatory for Sport will fill a gap in the Scottish sports landscape by creating a body, which based on objective information, will drive open, ongoing and transparent debate and decision-making aimed at taking sport forward.
Held atResearch Advisory Group, Observatory for Sport, Scotland
Degree of RecognitionNational