Logistics and Global Value Chains in Africa: The Impact on Trade and Development

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The book will be published by Palgrave Macmillan and will be distributed worldwide and will be published in hardback and ebook initially.

The concept of Logistics and Supply Chain Management being the new focus of businesses in the developed economy has left the continent of Africa behind. There is a critical vacuum of knowledge on the significance of Logistics infrastructure global value chain to trade both within Africa, where due to both economic and political reasons, has remained grossly undeveloped, and between Africa and their external trading partners where channels of movement of goods still take longer than necessary thereby hindering African competitiveness.

The benefits this book will offer will include detailed analysis on Global Value Chain and critical examination of the current state of Logistical Infrastructure in African continent. It will further offer suggestions (some empirical) that will help to address the issue of poor trading and trading relationships in Africa

It will also be a point of reference to scholars and future researchers with interests in Africa

The book will help to create a high level of awareness for African governments and policy makers to engage with the renaissance of GVC and the need to develop Logistics and Supply Chain infrastructures as the key enabler for better trade and economic activities in Africa, with the understanding that trade retardants factors such as price volatility, poor commodity pricing, rent seeking activities, poor storage and poor movement of goods within Africa and between Africa and its trading partners can be avoided if adequate attention is directed to it.
Period1 Apr 20161 Nov 2017
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