Journal of Cyber Security Technology (Journal)

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Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) research seems to have been truly multidisciplinary, bringing together efforts from numerous application fields including security, transport, industry, and health care. CPS involves the convergence of physical methods with embedded computation, controllers, and network monitoring, as well as feedback loops from physical systems. Inter-platform interoperability, connectivity, building information modeling integration, privacy, and cyber security are the requirements of cyber-physical systems at the platform level. In a variety of ways, the rise of smart technology has increased security measures. CPS technology has enabled smart security to progress and it improves the areas, from mobile application development for real-time remote access to fully established smart surveillance systems. The development of distributed, safe, sturdy, and fault-tolerant control systems serves as a basis for secure network control systems required for CPS growth. The realm of healthcare has substantially advanced as a result of CPS science and technology, from a smart automation system that tracks cancer patients’ response to treatment to an intelligent continuous gadget that provides data on glucose levels to the user’s smartphone. The growing digital transformation of industrial assets and processes is bringing physical and cybernetic security measures closer together. This convergence is aided by video surveillance systems, which are IT frameworks that may be used to monitor physical locations. As a result, they may be easily connected with other cyber security systems to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to security and monitoring.
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