Gender, Language, Politics - East and West.

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Invited Panellists: Erzsébet Barát, University of Szeged, Hungary Katarzyna Kosmala, University of the West of Scotland, UK Frances Trix, Indiana University, USA Jennifer Wei, Soochow University, Taiwan This panel aims to explore the multidimensional meaning of gender as a socially- and linguistically-constructed category fundamental for various facets of socio-political transformation in East and West. Through its interdisciplinary approach, the panel highlights the multiplicity of ways in which gender (as a social phenomenon), language (as a tool of communication, incl. visual/multimodal) and the political (understood as “terrain upon which verification of equality confronts the established order of identification and classification”, Rancière J. Aux Bords du politique, 1998) are intertwined in the processes of social transformation and change. Looking at practices that are political and/or politicized in nature – yet are located within social fields as diverse as politics, arts, education, the media or social movements – the panel looks at research conducted on a wide variety of topics and issues. These include, inter alia, discourses of higher education policies, narratives of migrant experiences, news-media language or narratives of visual and performing arts all of which point to various trajectories of gender-language-politics relationships conditioned by socio- and politico-economic transformation. The foci of the panel allow highlighting that, in the course of on-going transformations, gender often becomes debated and even radically contested with both pro and contra radical positions of consent and dissent formed across social fields and discourses in the processes of negotiating the notion as well as undermining its salience for politics, economy and society. Panel Convener: Natalia Krzyzanowska Centre for Feminist Social Research, Örebro University, Sweden
Period23 Oct 2015
Event titleSymposium Panel – Gender, Language and Politics – East and West. In association with the 500 anniversary of University of Vienna
Event typeConference
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